About Us

I was always fascinated by the mysterious antique and vintage world for years. So antique shops or flea markets have always been my primary focus during my travels for years.

My brand Queen Victoria’s, QVS- based in London -came from my passion for vintage jewellery and the desire to seek authenticity.

Each piece in my collection is chosen and curated to share a unique story with you. My primary concern is that your QVS jewellery would reflect your style and character, as wearing vintage jewellery is a deeply personal preference.

Queen Victoria’s stands for heritage, elegance, individuality and aims to offer you timeless design with the finest craftsmanship.

By choosing to wear preowned jewellery, we naturally support sustainable fashion together. Our jewels do not harm our precious planet or its people.

“Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.”

– Vivienne Westwood, renowned luxury fashion designer

What we wear signifies who we are and what we stand for.