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    Stylish! Have fun!

    This jade green plastic branch brooch features a blue flower and white butterfly. It closes with a safety-catch pin.

    Plastic ca. 6cmx8cm

  • 1960s Vintage Sarah Coventry Flower Brooch Out of Stock

    Classic and dainty!

    The gold-plated open work flower bouquet brooch is embellished with textured tiny leaves. Signed SarahCov GB at the backside.

    Closes with safety catch pin.

    Gold plate, faux eparl, ca.3,5cm x 5,5cm

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    Timeless elegance! Wear them together to make a statement.

    The gold plated demi-parure features a wreath-shaped, beautifully textured brooch with a contrasting ribbon decoration wrapping around and matching clip-on earrings. Signed Crown Trifari.

    Gold plate, brooch ca. 4cm, earrings 1,8cmx2,2cm

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    Unique! A joyfull plane brooch that adorns any outfit glamorously.

    This exceptional airplane brooch is embellished with a red enameled “Butler & Wilson” signed flag and lined crystals on the wings.

    It closes with a rolling safety catch pin.

    Gold plate, red enamel, 8cm

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    Fancy! Enjoy the festive time of the year!

    The gold-tone Christmas tree brooch is embellished with green and white enamel, red rhinestones, and a single clear rhinestone on the star topper. It closes with a rolling safety-catch pin.

    Gold plate, green and white enamel, red and clear rhinestones, 3,4cmx5,3cm

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    Graceful and stylish!  Add some minimalist yet sparkling touch to your look!

    This classical gold-tone brooch features a stylized, shiny, modernist swan embellished with round-cut, various-size crystals. It closes with the safety-catch pin.

    Information: Two of the crystals have been probably replaced with the new ones which caused a slightly colour difference between the original ones.

    Gold plate, crystal, ca. 4cm x 9cm

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    Eye catching, opulent statement piece.

    Polished gold plated brooch featuring a Maltese cross design set with simulated pearls and accented with sparkling crystals. Safety catch pin closure.

    Kenneth Jay Lane designed the elegant ‘Renaissance Collection’ for Avon in 1989.

    Gold plate, simulated pearl, crystals, 6,5cm x 7cm

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    Magnificient! Eye catching! Sophisticated touch to your party look.

    This brooch features a gold-tone ribbed sun motive set on top of the silver-tone plated stylized sun embellished with round-cut Swarovsky crystals.

    It closes with a safety-pin clasp and has a loop for the chain to wear as a pendant as well. Signed © KJL at the backside.


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    Extraordinary! Just have fun!

    This brooch features a frog design comprised of a white shiny lucite belly, gold plated legs and arms, and crystal eyes.

    It closes with a rolling safety catch pin. Signed Crown Trifari TM.

    Gold plate, white enamel, ca. 3,5cm x 6,5cm

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    Cheerful! Fancy gift for Christmas!

    The gold-tone Holly Berry Christmas tree pin brooch features glittering green enameled leaves embellished with red and clear rhinestones. It closes with a rolling safety-catch pin. Signed Avon at the backside.

    Gold plate, green enamel, colored rhinestones, ca.2,5cmx3,5cm

  • 1980s Vintage D.A.C Mom’s Taxi Service Brooch

    Here comes the badge that every Mom’s has to have!

    The gold-plated brooch features symbols of kid’s activities to which the Mom has to driveJ

    Closes with safety catch pin.

    Gold plate, ca.4,5cm x 5cm

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    Spectacular! An extraordinary, eye-catching piece pulls attraction definitely in any ensemble.

    This Victorian revival brooch features an openwork design embellished with exquisitely crafted tiny simulated pearl, turquoise beads and a cascaded delicate link chain. It closes with a safety-catch pin.

    Gold plate, simulated pearl and turquoise beads, 4cmx7cm

  • 1980s Vintage Heart Brooch

    Romantic yet dynamic! Ideal gift to your beloved ones!

    The gold-plated heart-shaped brooch is swirled with a silver-plated arrow embellished with clear crystals.

    Closes with safety catch pin.

    Gold and silver plate, ca.2cm x 3,8cm

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    Modernist chic! This silver-plated daisy brooch features faceted thermoset cream petals embellished with a crystal surround in the centre. It closes with a rolling safety catch pin closure, signed LC. Silver plate, crystal, 5,5cm

  • 1980s Vintage Monet Crystal Ribbon Wave Pin

    Timeless elegance! Perfect gift for your Mom!

    The gold-plated ribbon wave scarf pin is embellished with round-cut crystals of various sizes.

    Closes with safety catch pin.

    Gold plate, ca.4,5cm x 5cm